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So what could be better than to give the delights to your family and friends of the best food in Fresno
with lashings of love enthused through it?

Delight your day with

French food nearby

French cuisine became famous at high-end restaurants because it is more classified, therefore it is widely spread. Many people go bananas for French food nearby, reason being the coast side but we all make a defined asset.

Breakfast with food


Cafe near you

There are many Restaurants in Fresno, serving French food in Fresno with flavors in their own style. The localities of the state are deeply in love with the food. Americans have always been admirers of ambrosial and tasteful cuisines.



L’ aperitif

Each selection treats guests to elegant French dishes.The traditional side dishes like mashed potatoes, a bread dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, green beans almondine, rolls, candied yams and a pumpkin pie. food and services are of high quality, delicious and beautifully prepared. 

Best food in Fresno

Mimi’s Café, Fresno

Blending influence of flavors across the nation of love and serves with love. Amazing the brie and mushroom omelette. Also the Tequila Sunrise Mimosa is a new creation and which is worth the try. A place worth visiting again and relish the wonderful food and service. it is indeed the best french bakery nearby .

French dip sandwich near me

Le Parisian Café

Savory dishes and impeccable service. A wonderful spot for the selection of cakes and macaroons on display. They have yummy strawberry fruit tart and took home a selection of macaroons for the food lovers.


The Palms

The collection is very impressive and the food is incredible. it is the best in town as far as quality and innovation. The dishes are just phenomenal and they are truly works of art. They have surprising divisions along with the prices, the Cuisine of this caliber

Experience “Frenchness” at MIMI’S Cafe

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You don’t need to fly to Paris to indulge in top-notch French cuisines. There is an abundance of enormous established restaurants in the US where you can get your blend of flavors from the land of love. Mimi’s is one of the best picks discovered in this French food in Fresno. They serve commendable cuisine along with a modern spine on traditional French flavors. Its surroundings belied the gem behind its doors. Polite staff attended to us requirements.

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Then why wait, MIMI’S Cafe strives to provide dishes that bring its customers super close to authentic French food……

Do You Love Variety In Your meal?

French bakery Fresno
Icon -13 French Food Restaurants

Kick start your day with lip smacking and healthy breakfast, fill your day with immeasurable positivity, Mimi’s cafe has it all!

Oh no! did you snooze the alarm again and overslept. How will I make it to the 9 am briefing at the office? Skip the breakfast? You might not have time to have a lavish and healthy breakfast, but at Mimi’s you can have a healthy breakfast and start your day with energy and laughter. The best breakfast meals-

Lunch Hour is the best hour of the day!

Just before catching a train, choose Mimi’s Cafe for lunch. The lounge had a relaxed vibe.  Mimi’s brings you more closely to the delightful and flavorful mouth melting experience.

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Icon -11 French Food Restaurants

Dine “fancy” with Good food, Good wine, and Good dine!

Serving fancy French food on the table. Mimi’s make you feel cherry-picked where you can bless your mouth with tempting aromatic flavors.

Pamper your sweet tooth with MIMI’s CAFÉ

Smitten your sweet tooth beyond excellence with love the way it’s done in France.

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French bakery Fresno
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